Summer Programs

All our summer programs are integrated with our Work Ready teen summer internships 

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  • We hire 18 KSC teens as summer coaches through the city's Work Ready program.

  • Those teens are split into small groups, each with at least two adult coaches who train, guide, and supervise them for the summer.

  • Each group of coaches works together to run our summer camp clinics and Hissey Playground camp at different sites.

Summer Camp Clinics

  • We run weekly soccer clinics at existing summer camps in the neighborhood from one to four days a week for each location.

Eleven Locations For 2017:

  • Recreation Center sites: Cione, Towey, Nelson, Cruz, Rivera, Heitzman.

  • Norris Square Community Alliance sites: NSCA IPS, McKinley, Hunter

  • Community Centers: Centro Nueva Creación, Ekklesia

u23 Inter-County Soccer League

In 2016, we put a u23 mens team in this summer league to help them prepare for college soccer. In 2017, we weren't able to afford the registration, but with your support, we'd love to provide more of our young adults with this experience.

Two Week Soccer Camp at Hissey Playground

We have partnered since 2014 with Iglesia del Barrio and the 24th Police District to run this dedicated soccer camp for children at Hissey Playground. Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez has been a key supporter of this camp.

Community Festival Soccer Clinics

We want to support and be a part of everything positive that's happening in the community. We also want every child to have a chance to play soccer and feel welcome to join our teams. So our teen and young adult interns and our adult volunteers run fun, open soccer clinics at every community event possible

McPherson Square Park Community Festival

McPherson Square Park Community Festival

Waterloo Playground Community Festival

Waterloo Playground Community Festival

7v7 League Teams

We usually have at least two teen teams playing in 7v7 leagues to help them stay active and get ready for their school seasons.

Cherry Hill 3v3 League

In 2016, we brought our u14 girls to play in this league to give them the experience of playing on nicer fields and to help them train to prepare for higher level soccer. In 2017, we weren't able to afford the registration, but with your support, we'd love to provide more children with this experience.

cherry hill 3v3.jpg

Street Soccer Tournaments and Leagues

We partner with Street Soccer USA to run summer leagues and tournaments at the Street Soccer USA court on Jasper St.