Administrative Coordinator

Position Summary

Seeking an organized, diligent person with good communication skills and some data management experience to help us build a stronger and more effective organization in service to our youth and our community.

The Administrative Coordinator performs diversified administrative duties including assisting at board and staff meetings, working to improve and manage workflow and information flow systems, and managing organizational data.

General Position Duties and Responsibilities

The Administrative Coordinator reports to the Executive Director and performs advanced and diversified administrative duties. The Administrative Coordinator frequently interacts and liaises with the Board and staff and occasionally with parents and students. The position requires an understanding of, appreciation for, and ability to prioritize the use of the Executive Director’s time.


Attend all regularly scheduled meetings and take minutes including but not limited to board, committees, working groups, and staff.

Follow-up between Meetings                                                         

Work closely with the Executive Director, Program Directors, and key board members to improve and manage workflow and information flow systems.

Data Administration

Establish, monitor, maintain, and manage data systems and submit data reports to funders.

Detailed Position Duties and Responsibilities


  • Assist in setting agendas.

  • Take detailed notes with special attention to decisions and action item deadlines and responsibilities.

  • At present, we have staff and board meetings on a regular basis.

  • Over the coming year, we will be creating board committees, working groups, an advisory board, and youth council.

Follow-up between Meetings

  • Assist in establishing and perfecting workflow and information flow systems.

  • Assist in organizing tasks and projects using Trello, web-based project management application.

  • Track progress of work between meetings and support others to utilize Trello.

  • Send meeting notes and reminders regarding meetings, key tasks and deadlines.

  • Work closely with the Executive Director, Program Directors, key board members, and working group leaders to make sure we’re on track and that we’re adjusting plans when needed.

Data Administration

  • Organize and maintain data systems of participants, volunteers, and supporters.

  • Plan and implement procedures for keeping data updated.

  • Compile participant data for reporting to funders.

  • Improve and maintain donor tracking system.

  • Manage mailing list.

  • Organize and maintain a system for paper files, digital files, emails, etc.

  • Heavy data responsibilities at start and end of the fall and spring seasons.

Organizational Transition Over Time

  • Initial phase: Advise and assist in improving existing work structures and systems and creating new ones when needed.

  • Later phase: More emphasis on facilitation and coordination of projects.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None.

Desired Skills and Abilities

  • Must be self-starter, organized, detail-oriented, and personable with strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Understand and apply computer technology to efficiently accomplish work including use of the following (and other similar) applications:

    • Excel (extensive experience a big plus)

    • Trello project management software

    • Google Drive apps and Dropbox

    • Gmail and Google Calendar

    • Mailchimp and EZ Texting

  • Able to operate independently, set goals and be disciplined in achieving them with minimal supervision.

  • Ability to interact with all levels of stakeholders: Board, coaches, parents, students.

  • Facilitation experience.

  • Proficiency in Spanish.

Expectations of All Positions

Each employee is expected to:

  • Understand and support the mission of KSC.

  • Respect and value those who partner with or request assistance from KSC.

  • Appreciate the value of diversity and equal opportunity in all work relationships.

  • Respect the contribution of children, parents, and volunteers.

  • Appreciate differences in perspectives and point of view and work collaboratively.

  • Commit time to KSC activities and conversations that strengthen the culture and improve its effectiveness.

Schedule and Compensation

  • Available for regular weekday evening meetings (approximately 5-10 hrs a week).

  • Available for weekend meetings during the day (approximately 5-10 hrs a week).

  • Data Administration and Meeting Follow-up can be done at any time of day and can be done from home or at the KSC office (approximately 10-20 hrs/wk).

  • Depending on the seasonal ebb and flow, weekly hours will range from 15 to 30 hours.

  • Pay is an hourly wage ranging from $13 to $18 an hour depending on experience and performance.

Kensington Soccer Club is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and members. 

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to

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