Our Mission: Kensington Soccer Club is dedicated to uniting and advancing the broader Kensington community with high quality soccer and youth development programs for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Since 2009, through the support of the community we have run summer and school year soccer programs for children ages 3-19. To reach as many children as possible, we run clinics and ongoing programs all around the neighborhood including at Casiano Field, Rivera Rec Center, Heitzman Rec Center, Towey Playground, Hunter School, Moffet School, McKinley School, H.A. Brown School, Hope Park, Hissey Playground, Cione Playground, McPherson Square Park, Waterloo Playground, Lighthouse Field, and Visitation Community Center.

            Vision                                                                                                                 Goals

  • We believe sport is an important element in the development of every child.
  • In sport we see an ideal tool to achieve other goals, for example informing people on healthy lifestyles and education and raising themes such as values, integration and cooperation.
  • We realize that we serve a social interest and in addition to the young people themselves we also focus on their environment. 
  • Provide fun soccer activities for players of all abilities and ages from Kensington and surrounding areas of Philadelphia.
  • Organize our programs so as to maximize the positive impact we have on the lives of our players, their families and community.
  • Build and organization that is stable and durable which can serve the community for generations to come.