Soccer Athletes Value Education (SAVE)

Our SAVE program pursues every opportunity to encourage and support our players to achieve their full potential in life. Scroll down to see the many ways we incorporate SAVE into all we do!

Support SAVE!

We need your help in order to hire tutors and pay for books and college trips!


During Practice

We check in with players about their school day as part of the Soccer For Success curriculum. Our players know that academics come first!

Books For All!

All season long, we have books for players and parents to take home. For many of our children, the books we give them are the only ones they have. At our end of season celebration, we go all out with new and used books for all!

Before and After Games

On Saturdays, we engage players at our SAVE area with a variety of educational activities, led by experienced educators and teens who aspire to be teachers.

College Exposure and Role Models

We regularly take our young players on trips to see college soccer games and talk to college student-athletes to learn what it takes to succeed in school, soccer, and life. Many of our players have never been to a college campus and don't have anyone in their family who has attended college, so this experience is key in making college seem like an accessible goal for them.