Soccer For Everyone

Ensuring that every single child benefits from and is included in our soccer community.

The Need:

  • The children of our community do not have sufficient access to high quality, healthy, recreational programs and physical activity.

  • Time spent in recess and physical education (PE) classes is limited and PE teachers are often overburdened by large classes with insufficient support and equipment.

  • In addition, most families face financial and other barriers to enrolling their children in programs outside of school.

  • As children get older without having had those opportunities, it becomes harder to interest them in trying new things and embracing healthy, active lifestyles.

  • When we invite older teens to play soccer, the number one response is that they wish they already knew how to play.

The Solution:

  • We have developed a soccer curriculum for the PE classes at the elementary school level that ensures that children will learn soccer skills in a supportive, encouraging environment that also emphasizes cooperation, fair play, and healthy lifestyles.

  • We partner with the PE teacher at neighborhood elementary schools to deliver this curriculum during PE classes with the help of our highly trained and experienced coaches.

  • We bring goals and balls of all sizes (courtesy of U.S. Soccer Foundation) so that every child gets a rich soccer experience with maximum touches on the ball.

  • Our coaches are young adults from the neighborhood who the children can easily identify with, and often they're college students who went to that same elementary school.

The Impact:

  • Our children learn to enjoy soccer and physical activity and gain confidence in their abilities, regardless of their athleticism or experience. This increases their likelihood of participating in free play as well as structured programs outside of school time.

  • Even those who don’t continue playing soccer still benefit from our curriculum and for others who fall in love with the game, it lays the foundation for the many other opportunities that soccer and our organization provide.

  • In the k-8 schools that don't have school district middle school teams, we use this program to convince the school district that there will be sufficient interest in soccer to warrant the creation of a team at that school.

Our Success:

In May of 2016, 2017, and 2018 we sent three of our coaches into H.A. Brown Elementary (k-8) and they worked with the physical education teacher to teach soccer to every child in the school. We coached all day for three whole weeks there and worked with all 541 students in the school, including their special needs students. We achieved success in every area of impact and everyone involved can't wait till we do it again! H. A. Brown’s Ms. Casella, Principal Connie Carnivale, and the whole staff were very welcoming and supportive.

Soccer For Everyone at H.A. Brown Elementary was made possible with the support of these generous sponsors. Thank them for supporting us!

We Need Sponsors and Donors!

The only way to run this program is with the financial support of the community. We have the soccer equipment, the highly trained coaches, the curriculum, and the program supervisors, but we need funds to pay the coaches. If you're a business that's interesting in sponsoring a Soccer For Everyone program at a school near you, email If you're able to help out yourself, please donate here: