Travel Teams

We strive to introduce children to soccer in less competitive programs like Soccer For Success. But for those children that want to challenge themselves and are ready for the competition, we have travel teams from u8 to u23 for boys and girls. We rely on donations and lots of volunteer time and energy to make our travel teams affordable with our "pay what you can" system.


Winter 2018

Indoor soccer season has started! We have 13 teams playing in the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation futsal league.

See the full league schedule here.

See the league standings here.

We also have the following teams and programs this winter:

  • one team playing the GLEC league.

  • one team playing in the Camden Kroc Center League.

  • recreational soccer for girls ages 12-18.

  • our own coed high school age league.


Registration Payment for Fall Travel Soccer
from 10.00

Suggested registration fee: $75-$125.

All our programs are pay what you can. We ask each participant to pay the highest amount they are able in order to help cover our costs and to make sure we never have to turn anyone away. If you can't afford to pay anything at this time, please contact us to request a scholarship. You can also pay in multiple smaller installments.

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